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Simply buy your own island

Take care of multiple areas with all of your cleaning needs & equipment on one cart. You can store your i-mop, extra tanks, battery charger, microfibre and more on this flexible & sturdy cart.

Expand your horizon

The wheels on this cart make moving your equipment around difficult obstructed areas such as bungalow parks, hotel floors, festival terrains, uneven plains, rocky hills and small locations easy. 

Choose your wheels

We have two different sets of wheels you can choose out of: air or solid tires. The air tires can be used outside or on uneven surfaces. The solid tires can be used on flat surfaces and you’ll have no risk of punctures.

Reduce your travel time

By consolidating all your cleaning tools into the i-land you reduce traveling time back to the storage area. 

Technical specifications

Weight 31 kg
Size body (l x w x h) 59 x 54 x 113 cm
Tire size 25 cm
Optional tires Also available with air tires
Material LDPE | Rotomoulded | Steel
Equipment slots1 slot for either the i-power battery charger or i-light
Warranty 1 year


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