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Easy drawer access

Open up your drawers, just like you slide out your kitchen drawers for easy content access to all of your supplies. There is also a key lock available to protect your valuable gear.

Onboard charger

Lets the i-mop run 24/7 with two sets of batteries, one set runs and one set charges. You can even plug in your mobile device, so that you are never out of power when on the job.

equipment slots

Equipment slots

Store your i-mop chargers right on your island. Charge your batteries on the go, set down your drink, or power your i-light directly!

Technical specifications

Weight 86,7 kg
Size body (l x w x h) 185 x 68 x 117 cm
Capacity Top shelf: 60 x 60 x 36 cm Bottom shelf: 2 x 13,25 liters
Capacity buckets Top shelf: 2 x 22,7 liters
Cable length 1000 cm
Caster size5 (rubber)
MaterialLDPE | Rotomoulded
Equipment slots 2 customizable slots for the i-power battery charger or i-light*
Warranty 1 year


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